Newest Update

Thank you! You all did it!

I sat on my couch less than five days ago and shared news of a need that felt too big with too little time to meet it.

Our friends started this campaign for us:

And in less than 72 hours of sharing that video, I was proved wrong! We now have enough to put a deposit down on a great handicap accessible apartment that is just eight minutes away from our current apartment. Because of you all! And any extra funds that are sent our way will help us as we budget for moving costs and the monthly increase in rent.

Not only does this mean, we won’t be homeless. But it also means our kids can stay in their current schools. It means they won’t lose their friends. They have lost so much in their young lives and I’m just so relieved they won’t lose that.

And although this will news will be difficult for them to hear and experience (we still haven’t told them this news)- we can at least show them where we will move. They already know the neighborhood. And we can get them ready and excited for the next chapter of our story. And we can share how people from all over the world

Generosity like this – crowd sourced – and immediate – should help us all feel good in a world that often feels out of our control. Thank you!

We will be sure to update our blog:
( ) once the contract is signed. And we will update it again when we get photos of the new place as it gets closer to completion. And then of course when we finally move in April.

As I said in the video, may the generosity and love shown to us be returned to you.

All our love,
Stephen and Dawn Sandoval

A little History

Learn a little bit more about Stephen’s journey and check the bog to see how you can partner with them along the way.

We are raising money and awareness for Stephen Sandoval and his young family who have been living abroad in Denmark for nine years. Stephen is an awesome husband, father and friend and has contributed much to the happiness and well-being of those who have been lucky enough to know him. At age 30, Stephen suffered three aneurysms on his brain stem. The medical procedure used to stop the bleeding resulted in an incomplete lesion on his spinal cord, leaving him a partial tetraplegia (loss of limb control) and with a condition known as Brown-Sequard syndrome (loss of sensation and motor function). He also endures waves of intense nerve pain with these conditions. This unexpected, new journey has been life-changing for their family, but one they have taken with much grace and love. Stephen’s wife Dawn is an enduring figure of love, compassion and companionship as she cares for his needs and for their two children, Hope, age 5, and Esben, age 2. Dawn is a great blessing to Stephen in this and in all times. It’s been a year since this new struggle began and they need our help! Your gift helps share their burden so they aren’t carrying it alone. Your gift will go toward Stephen’s many medications, additional therapy, live-in help, public transportation costs and daily living expenses.

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